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Dr. Alisa Whyte

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“Your Mindset is the Key to Your Success”

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Rated Top 100 Podcast USA & UK

About the Host

"Dr. Alisa Whyte: The #1 ​Mindset Disrupter, growth ​expert, podcast host, ​inspiring personal, ​professional growth and ​success through mindset ​mastery."

Dr. Alisa Whyte

the #1 mindset disrupter

Dr. Alisa Whyte is a transformative creator ​on a mission to help individuals unlock their ​full potential through the power of mindset. ​Dr Alisa is multi award winning trail blazer ​with a background in cooperate leadership, ​workforce development and a deep ​passion for personal development, Dr. ​Whyte has dedicated her career to ​empowering others to achieve their goals ​and dreams.

Known as the #1 Mindset Disrupter, she ​firmly believes that the key to success lies ​within the mind. Dr. Whyte has witnessed ​the incredible impact that a shift in mindset ​can have on one's life, career, and ​relationships. Her work is guided by the ​belief that anyone can achieve greatness ​when they harness the power of their ​mindset.

Through her podcast, "Mindset Mastery ​Moments," Dr. Whyte inspires and ​empowers listeners with actionable ​insights, inspiring stories, and practical ​strategies. Each episode is carefully crafted ​to offer brief yet impactful moments in the ​day, allowing individuals to rewire their ​thought patterns and embrace the ​extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.

Beyond being a podcast host, Dr. Whyte ​serves as a guide, mentor, and catalyst for ​transformation. Her passion for mindset ​mastery is rooted in her desire to witness ​individuals break free from self-imposed ​limitations and create lives filled with ​purpose, passion, and success.

Join Dr. Alisa Whyte on this remarkable ​journey of personal and professional ​growth. Its time to disrupt the status quo, ​rewrite the narrative of what's possible, and ​unlock the incredible potential that resides ​within each individual. The transformation ​begins here, with Dr. Alisa Whyte, the #1 ​Mindset Disrupter.

About ​The ​Podcast

Welcome to Mindset Mastery Moments, the podcast where you'll ​embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional ​growth. I'm your host, Dr. Alisa Whyte, and I'm honored to be your ​guide on this remarkable exploration of the power of mindset.

As the #1 Mindset Disrupter, I've dedicated my life to helping ​individuals like you unlock their full potential, shatter self-imposed ​limitations, and create a life of purpose, passion, and success. Over ​the years, I've witnessed the incredible impact that a shift in mindset ​can have on one's life, career, and relationships.

Mindset Mastery Moments is not just a podcast; it's a movement. It's ​about tapping into the infinite reservoir of your own potential, ​rewiring your thought patterns, and embracing the extraordinary ​possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we'll uncover the science, ​psychology, and real-life stories behind the transformative power of ​mindset.

Each episode of Mindset Mastery Moments is designed to be a brief ​yet impactful moment in your day. Whether you're on your morning ​commute, taking a break, or winding down in the evening, these ​episodes are tailored to provide you with actionable insights, inspiring ​stories, and practical strategies that you can immediately apply to ​your life, career, and business.

Join me as we explore the art of mindset mastery. From growth ​mindset to resilience, from leadership to personal development, we'll ​cover it all. Along the way, we'll feature thought leaders, experts, and ​individuals who have experienced remarkable mindset ​transformations, sharing their wisdom and insights.

So, are you ready to take control of your mindset and create the life ​you've always dreamed of? Subscribe to Mindset Mastery Moments ​now and embark on this extraordinary journey with me. Together, we'll ​disrupt the status quo and rewrite the narrative of what's possible.

Get ready for your daily dose of inspiration and empowerment. ​Welcome to Mindset Mastery Moments with Dr. Alisa Whyte, the #1 ​Mindset Disrupter. Your transformation starts now.

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Listener Feedback

" By Listening to this podcast, it has been such a breath of fresh air and fresh information I needed to hear. Keep up the awesome work Dr. Alisa"

- Mrs. Lee - USA


"groundbreaking info!! ​Thank you so much for ​sharing Dr. Whyte"

- Melissa A - Texas USA


"I am rewiring my brain for success. I am in control of my attitude. If I master the night before, I will get things right the next day. Thanks for the tips highlighted. Its Impactful".

- Emanuel O- Nigeria West Africa


" “Unveiling the Tapestry of ​Healing” with Giji Mischel ​Dennard. What a fabulous ​podcast. So insightful. And ​for many of us we don’t ​take a minute to stop and ​think about how deeply our ​childhood has impacted ​and influenced our lives. ​This is a must listen. Thank ​you both for a wonderful ​hour.

- Nina Zapala -USA



I'm so grateful that by ​chance as I was looking ​for a motivational podcast ​I stumbled across yours. I ​have had the wheels of my ​mind turn and really incite ​a mental mindset reboot. ​Thank you for the Amazing ​words of encouragement ​not only from yourself but ​from some of the great ​guests who have been on ​the show.

Keep up the Amazing ​Work!

- phibzster - USA


"Yes my father is my ​hero because not only ​he showed me the right ​wrong path but he was ​there when I was in ​deep trouble. He ​supported me that time ​and understand what I ​am going through and ​support me to ​overcome the situation. ​If you have parents who ​supports you in your ​darkest moment then ​you have a heavenly ​blessings.

- Mehadi Hasan - Pakistan


Ranks Top 100 Podcast

in the Areas of

Self Development And Education

USA and UK

Mindset Mastery Moments Podcast Soars to New Heights: A Journey in ​Media Recognition, Rankings and the launch of Mindset Mastery 360 ​Global Movement.

We're thrilled to share the exciting news about our podcast's recent ​achievements and media recognition! Mindset Mastery Moments has not ​only captivated the hearts of our loyal listeners but has also gained notable ​attention in the media landscape. Let's take a journey through our ​podcast's remarkable milestones.

Podcast Rankings in Self-Development and Education:

  • Mindset Mastery Moments has rapidly climbed the charts, securing a ​prominent position among the top 100 podcasts in self-development ​and education. Currently holding the #32 spot in the USA, #41 in the ​UK and top 100 in other countries, our podcast has become a go-to ​resource for individuals seeking transformative insights and ​empowering narratives.

Featured in Noteworthy Publications:

  • Our podcast has been featured in several noteworthy publications Fox, ​ABC, NBC, CBS, American Business Times, World Culture Times, The ​Entrepreneurship Report, Career Advancement Times and many ​others; shining a spotlight on the impactful conversations and ​empowering messages shared on Mindset Mastery Moments. These ​features underscore the podcast's relevance and its contribution to ​the personal and professional growth of our audience.
  • Read an Article Here

Launch of Mindset Mastery 360 Global Movement:

  • We're thrilled to announce the launch of Mindset Mastery 360, a global ​movement aimed at creating a collective mindset shift towards ​empowerment, resilience, and positive change. This movement goes ​beyond the podcast, encouraging individuals worldwide to embrace a ​mindset that transcends limitations and fosters personal and ​professional growth.
  • As we celebrate these achievements and embark on this new chapter ​with Mindset Mastery 360, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each ​listener, supporter, and contributor who has been a part of the Mindset ​Mastery Moments community. Your engagement and enthusiasm fuel ​our commitment to delivering empowering content that uplifts and ​inspires.
  • Here's to reaching new heights, rewriting lives with purpose, launching ​a global movement, and disrupting the status quo together. Subscribe, ​listen, and embark on the journey of Mindset Mastery Moments!
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Our Podcast is a

Top 1% Podcast in the world

Our Podcast continues to be in the top 1% in the world from December 2023 ​to present. We continue to deliver content that maintains the coveted ​podcast ranking of Top 1% as of June 30th 2024. We are most grateful for ​our listeners and viewers from across the globe.

What is Listen Score? Listen Score (LS) is a metric that shows the estimated ​popularity of this podcast compared to other rss-based public podcasts in ​the world on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher, the more popular. Calculated ​from 1st and 3rd party data. Updated monthly.

What is Global Rank? This podcast is one of the top 1.5% most popular ​shows out of 3,373,835 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the ​estimated popularity score).

Be Dr. Alisa’s Guest

Mindset Mastery Moments Podcast Guest Criteria:

Mission Alignment:

  • We seek guests who resonate with the mission of Mindset Mastery ​Moments – individuals passionate about empowering others, fostering ​positive mindsets, and driving personal and professional growth.

Expertise in Empowerment:

  • Guests should bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas ​related to empowerment, mindset transformation, leadership, personal ​and professional development, or any field that contributes to the ​betterment of individuals.

Engaging Storytellers:

  • We welcome guests who can share compelling stories of triumph over ​adversity, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Engaging ​storytellers with a flair for inspiring others are ideal.

Innovators and Thought Leaders:

  • We are interested in hosting innovators and thought leaders who have ​made a significant impact in their respective fields, bringing fresh ​perspectives and insights to our audience.

Global Perspective:

  • Our podcast values diverse viewpoints. Guests with a global ​perspective, having contributed to empowerment initiatives or ​humanitarian efforts worldwide, are encouraged to apply.

Authors and Educators:

  • Authors of impactful books and educators who have made a mark in ​empowering others through their teachings are highly sought after.

Podcast-Ready Speakers:

  • Guests should be comfortable and articulate when expressing their ​ideas verbally. Experience in public speaking, interviews, or other media ​engagements is a plus.

Collaborative Spirit:

  • We value guests who approach the podcast with a collaborative spirit, ​eager to share insights, engage in meaningful conversations, and ​contribute to the overall positive atmosphere of Mindset Mastery ​Moments.

Submission Process:

  • Interested individuals can submit their applications sending an email to ​bookings@alisawhyte.com, providing a brief bio, a summary of their ​expertise, and why they believe their story or insights align with the ​Mindset Mastery Moments podcast along with social media handles.

Note: While we appreciate all submissions, only selected guests will be ​contacted for further discussion.

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